A huge thank you for taking part in our 2023 Sock Takeover Day!

A huge thank you for taking part in our 2023 Sock Takeover Day!

January 27th and 28th January 2023

It has been another successful takeover day and whilst we tally up the total fundraising amount, we wanted to say how much it meant to us, as a charity, for teams to switch out their traditional colours for our pink and blue socks. 

Over the weekend, each pair of socks worn made an impact – from raising money to raising awareness that our charity exists. 

The money raised from the sales of the socks will help provide support kitbags that are designed to help adults or children who are undergoing cancer treatment, they contain exclusive items from our charity range and provide a pick-me-up for their recipients. These remain absolutely free thanks to the generous donations of you and the rest of our wonderful charity supporters.

And thank you to away teams who donated on the day towards the cause, and who are now followers on our social media channels. 

Your support really does go a long way, and we hope that we count on you for your support throughout the year and in to 2024.

Put a pencil in your diary for January 2024 for our next Sock Takeover Day!

Thank you again for taking part this weekend