Referee Abuse – What can you do?

Referee Abuse – What can you do?

We have been asked to dr your attention to this article by Hampshire RFU and Hampshire Rugby Referees

Dear Players, Coaches & Supporters

Please can you communicate the message below as widely as possible throughout your club, we all have a responsibility for respect within our game.

It will not have gone unnoticed by most players, supporters and officials that the game we love is facing some difficult times with regards to Match Official abuse. Rugby is based on respect something we have jealously guarded for many years. We all have a part to play in maintaining this.

This week HRR had a session at our Training Meeting on how to deal with the chain of events that can lead to a Red Card for words aimed at an Official. If earlier relationships can be built between the captains, referees & players there is a greater change conflict will be avoided. There were always going to be times when frustrations are raised and tempers shortened and these have to be dealt with, even then there are ways of deescalating.

The picture below shows a potential chain of events that can lead to an abuse Red Card. We as referees see that there are opportunities to deescalate at every stage and we have discussed what we can do but we cannot do it alone. We need buy-in from players, coaches & spectators to recognised the temperature and look for ways to take the heat of the situation. If both referees and players are aiming to do the same thing then we may stand a chance of changing course at any stage.