Portsmouth Rugby Football Club

Portsmouth Vets 38 vs Petersfield Vets 10

by Jonah Jones

Wet and windy!!

The gallant Portsmouth vets leant players to the first team and the Ladies Day lunch and so had to play with just 14 men! Never ones to let lack of numbers get them down the vets started magnificently in this the 14th clash between the two teams this season.

Rampantly they probed through Clunie, supported by thrust after thrust of prime Portsmouth vets hitting the Petersfield line, pounding and pounding them until their tackling became soft, moist and slippery and Gareth managed to slide into the corner for a try. Portsmouth weren’t content with that and were soon aroused to further excitement with the youthful Gareth penetrating once again.

Still not satiated Pompey continued in this vein with Doc Farrington galloping in from the half way line, Jamie Mac chipping and chasing for a couple and Nathan WOOLMER showing a vast array of skills in running the length of the pitch to score under the posts.

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We also got some kicks and they scored some tries but not as many as us.

Jonah Jones (part 1 of 2 Hampshire cup winning skipper)


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