Portsmouth Rugby Football Club

Portsmouth Vets 8 vs Locks Heath 28

by Jonah Jones

Wales defeated England in a fast and open game...

Hurrah hooray, both sides had a surfeit of players and the sun was shining; perhaps a sign from the Almighty that he was looking forward to the afternoon’s international and had prescient knowledge about the result!

The game started at an almighty pace and continued in this vein throughout the first half. A penalty opened the scoring for Pompey followed by a try for the visitors. Ken ROSS kicked the ball ahead, was cursed by JP, Ken chased, Doran chased, Doran scored and JP said “ I knew it was a good kick”.

At half time a raft of substitutions were made including the vets talismanic skipper Jonah coming off to allow Kevin “made for Maguluf” Wilson to have a game. Unfortunately this was to be the team’s downfall. What with the resulting lack of leadership, loss of pace and some downright dodgy refereeing decisions (well one anyway) Portsmouth conceded 3 tries and lost. Boo!

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Spirits were cheered in the bar as snakebite and black made a reappearance and Jonah was so pleased with the win that he even allowed Foody to stay at his house after a night on the beer obviously taking sympathy on a man whose team were doomed to fail....

Jonah Jones ( part 1 of 2 vets cup winning skipper)


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