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Rival Match : US 2nds VS Portsmouth 3rds

by John Kirby

US Ports 2nds vs. Portsmouth 3rds

What was possibly one of the hottest days of the year so far and some very impressive recent results by US Ports it looked to give an extra spice to the Portsmouth Derby. Portsmouth had come along with the regular players from the 2’s when they don’t have a game but also with Steve Clooney, Chris Wreyford, Ben Di Marco and Ian KIRBY returning to their old stomping grounds. Though Portsmouth had a trick up their sleeve with a bit of international flare.

The Game started with U.S kicking to Portsmouth. The first 10 minutes was the same as any normal game where both teams are testing the waters and trying to evaluate the opposition but it became obvious when the forwards began smashing, bashing and mashing anything that got in their way. With Portsmouth having a heavy scrum, which dominated the young U.S team in the sun with the likes of Billy Hutchinson, Ben Di-Marco and Chris Wreyford who disrupted play and pushed the scrum forward. The breakthrough came from a Line out when Steve CLUNIE found John Bolla who ran over his opposition number from 15 metres out to cross the line for the first score. Then U.S ports hit back with a cross in the corner from a missed tackle to bring them back into the game. This didn’t last long as again John Bolla ran over the opposition to set up Big George Whiting to smash over the line for his first for the club. U.S ports started to come back into the game and had a few break out runs and notably a big forward running down the wing to only be stopped by Young James “Gus”. Again it was the forwards who really pressured U.S and allowed the backs to play their game. It was again John Bolla who danced around the opposition and trailing Full Back to play around with the ball before placing it down for his second of the game. Towards the end of the half, Portsmouth started to turn the screw and take it to a struggling US Portsmouth. Big Bill Hutch picked up the ball from half way and bashed through 4 tackles only to be brought down by a high tackle which summed up the half. The half ended 21-5 to the away team.

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The second half was a complete Blur for both sides as Portsmouth bought on the impact players in Ryan, Twilight, Minter and two Fijians. The game continued the way it ended and Portsmouth Dominated every second of the half. The shape of the game also changed and the play reflected a 7’s game. The Fijian forward picked up the ball from half way and ran the pitch to dance and bosh players out of the way for a fantastic score. After more pressing play Chris NICHOLLS picked the ball up and powered over the line and within 5 minutes of that Chris Minter backed himself and made his moves to leave the tired and disorientated US Portsmouth team. The big Fijian forward linked well with his compatriot to leave a massive overlap for young Twilight to place down in the corner. The best score came when Ryan Hutchinson picked up the ball from a long kick to push and outpace the opposite team to score a wonderful try. This was possibly the best and most physical game Pompey have played all season and look forward to the other Rival match against Havant at Rugby camp this Saturday.

The score finished 66-5
Man of the match : Steve CLUNIE for getting Dumped tackled, then punched by someone smaller then him, not retaliating and then getting carded for it.


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